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Water works

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

We have been designing and building swimming pools (both commercial and residential) and water features for the U.A.E. market for over 3 decades. We specialize in new construction as well as pool refurbishment such as depth reduction, retiling, pool extensions, and leak detection and fixing. We can and have also worked on other water based projects such as water parks and large scale water features.

Whether you are an architect, a consultant, a property developer, or an end-user, our designing team can offer you guidance throughout every stage your pool / water feature project, from a plain ground and excavation until water filling and commissioning.

We also provide services on a design and consult basis, working alongside your project team of designers, architects, consultants, and contractors, to make sure the ‘best’ goes into your project design.

Hard and Soft Landscaping


We entered the landscaping division in 2010, and we pride ourselves in the works we have done till date. Landscape works are of a very personal taste, even if a commercial project, and so we have ensured that our team works very closely with your team to bring your dream into a beautiful landscaped reality.

We provide complete solutions to your backyard or commercial landscaped space. This includes hardscape and softscape – decking, irrigation, lighting, barbeque stations, pergolas and wooden works, and of course, water features and swimming pools. Maintenance services for the upkeep of your landscaped areas is also our specialty.  Apart from this, we also provide consultancy services for landscape design.

Maintenance Division

Pool maintenance is of key importance! Every swimmer deserves to have sparkling clean water to be able to enjoy his / her swimming experience. What a waste of an artistic creation if water works are left to become dirty or full of green or black algae! Just like any other piece of art, landscaped areas, including pools and water features, need to be regularly maintained. Without a routine, any water body can become soiled with harmful and odor producing bacteria.

Apart from the basic parameters of pH & chlorine check, there are many other factors that need to be considered for top notch pool water maintenance. This is where we come in! We use the best quality chemicals from around the world, and specialize in killing off bacteria, algae removal, and removal of visual dirt. We also specialize in maintenance of lakes and ponds, even if these involve sensitive fish like koi fish.

Refurbishment Works

Many home owners want a ‘new look’ to their swimming pools or simply want to extend the life of their current pool.

Under this division, we do works like changing from skimmer type pool to overflow or infinity edge pools; re-waterproofing, re-tiling, and re-grouting; add on features like counter current jets, music players, slides, laminar fountain jets, massage systems, and so on.

We also have undertaken waterproofing works for several commercial pools that faced major leakage issues. There are several existing pools in the market that face leakage issues with reasons unknown to the client and even the company that constructed the pool.

Give us a call for refurbishment works – we give an extended life and new look to your existing water body!


If you have the following issues, call us for help!

  • Water turning green or black or yellow with algae?
  • Eyes, skin, or nose burning when you swim?
  • Smell of chlorine too strong?
  • Kids falling sick after a swim?
  • Too much sand or dirt in your pool water even after filtration?
  • Cloudy water?
  • Water / electricity bill running too high?
  • Any any issue with your water body?
  • Tiles falling off?
  • Tiles grouting turning black?
Piece of advice
If you have algae in your pool, do not make the mistake of removing the dirty water and refilling with fresh new water! Let’s help save the environment! We can turn the worst water body into sparkling clean water, and this can be tested from an authorized laboratory to give you assurance of the same.

For any of the above-mentioned problems, we have a solution! Contact us for a free visit by our experienced technician.

Trading division

Apart from new and renewed construction, we are also involved in trading the goods we use. We have been selling products of our partners to many clients in U.A.E., G.C.C, and other neighboring countries. And of course, we can ship your order to any country you need. Special discounts are available for bulk orders and regular clientele.

Visit our ‘key partners’ page to view the brands we deal in.


Here’s a list of the works we have been involved in since our conception in 1976

  • Swimming pools for human use
  • Swimming pools for animal use, be it for horses, camels, dogs, or any other
  • Water features of any kind – dry deck fountains, dancing / musical fountains, waterfalls, water walls, string water features, or even water features incorporating fire as a beauty element
  • Hard and soft landscaping, including decking works, pergolas, barbeque stations, irrigation works, landscape lighting and so much more
  • Jacuzzis and spas
  • Sauna rooms and steam baths
  • Spa Baths / Vitality Pools
  • Lazy rivers
  • Lakes, canals, and ponds
  • Rock works to surround pools and / or water features

  • Waterproofing, guniting, and tiling works
  • Decorative tiling
  • Mechanical and dry fixing of stone to vertical water walls
  • Decking works surrounding pools and / or water features

  • Misting / fogging systems
  • Water playground equipment (for children)
  • Underwater lighting and underwater speakers
  • Massage jets for pools
  • Acrylic panels for pools and / or water features

  • Annual maintenance of all of the above listed works
  • Designing consultants for water parks, pools and water features, hard and soft landscape